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AC Replacement and Installation

Our company offers installation and replacement services such as air conditioning systems, furnaces, and ductwork for the Woodlands area. Each of our HVAC technicians is Licensed and Insured to work on most brands, as well as an Accredited Member of the Woodlands BBB, holding multiple awards and maintaining an excellent A+ rating. Compared with our competition, we provide the highest quality installation equipment and installation procedures and employ the most efficient replacement methods. This ensures proper replacements versus leaving older parts such as wiring, ductwork, etc., in place to "save you money."

We offer unbeatable warranties on AC replacements and installations. Before choosing "cheaper quotes or estimates," take the time to compare everything. We earn a 5-star rating on City Search, Customer Lobby, Angie's List, and our direct customer reviews. We have a stellar reputation in the community and an outstanding reputation, earning us consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

As a result of its outstanding reliability and high ratings by product-testing magazines, our Air Conditioning services proudly offer Lennox Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.

Among Lennox's innovations are energy-efficient systems that are exceptionally quiet. Lennox has been a reliable brand for more than a century. Our systems and products are designed to be easy to use and maintain. Lennox ensures that its products and systems are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. Our service area includes the Woodlands and its nearby areas. To schedule an appointment for air conditioning installation, call us or contact us online today.


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Install your Air Conditioning System the Right Way

You can trust us to provide a seamless AC installation process for your home. We can cater to your needs if you would prefer another air conditioning system. Our company offers AC systems from reliable manufacturers. Poorly installed AC systems are expensive to maintain and will cause financial losses. By doing everything right the first time, we can help you steer clear of these problems.

By choosing us, you're ensured of:

  • The air is distributed evenly and consistently throughout the ductwork.
  • The air handler is positioned so that maximum cooling coverage occurs.
  • Ensure sufficient airflow around outdoor units through proper placement and anchoring
  • The maintenance of your air conditioning system assures maximum performance.

Besides filtering checks and cleaning, troubleshooting, replacing defective parts, and more, we perform regular preventative maintenance and repairs for your air conditioner.

Take Advantage of the BAM Plan – You won't pay more than one low flat rate to have your heating and air conditioning systems inspected and tuned up on an annual basis. You'll also get preferred scheduling and cheaper pricing on already low flat rates.