Why should I replace my existing heating or cooling system?

Simply, if your current air conditioning or heating system is old, inefficient or in need of serious repair. Our systems are up to 60% more efficient that those made as recently as 10 years ago. When utility bills start to climb, or when faced with an expensive repair, replacements are recommended.

How expensive are air conditioning and heating systems?

Several factors influence the price of a system, including size of the home/building, the type of existing duct infrastructure and the type of accessories (thermostats, air cleaners, etc...) are included. The A/C Guy offers free on-site evaluations to provide exact pricing for new systems.

How long can I expect a new system to run efficiently?

With regular preventative mainteinance, industry averages state 15 years for an air conditioner, 20-25 years for a gas furnace.

What is the new system installation process?

 If a system is being added to a home or other building for the first time, the systems full infrastructure must be created. The most important aspect of this is ductwork, which needs to be sized and installed properly to deliver and ventilate the correct amont of air to each room.

What is the replacement system process?

Installation of the new system aside, The A/C Guy's techs inspect several items such as insulation, ductwork, wiring, drain pans, etc... and determine which items need to be serviced, upgraded or replaced for compatibility with the new equipment.