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When temperatures start rising above 70 degrees, residents in Baytown TX start relying on the cooling comfort of their homeair conditioning units. Did you proactively have maintenance upkeep done on your ac unit? Most commonly, users do not partake in regular maintenance efforts during the colder months because the a/c unit isn’t being used. The time has come to test your ac units before your heavily using it on a regular basis. Texas heat can get intense, so while it’s still mildly cool, schedule your inspection today with The AC Guy.

Air Conditioning units are as crucial as car engines. Your car engine must be in good condition to be reliable, so too must the ac unit. Whether you need a/c repair, a/c replacement, or a/c installation in Baytown TX, contact The AC Guy today for your AC Repair Baytown. The complexity of the ac unit, means a lot can go wrong over time, and all components work together, so one issue can make bigger issues for the whole.

Baytown HVAC Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Baytown’s Trusted HVAC Company

Now, the The AC Guy of Baytown team has HVAC technicians who are highly-trained, licensed, and ready to make your home comfortable! We keep vehicles well-equipped to finish repairs in one visit. We handle any type of Baytown HVAC service need. If you need an entirely new heating or AC system, we help you through every step. Our professional Baytown HVAC technicians serve Baytown, Baytown, Katy, Conroe, Baytown and beyond.

Air conditioning services we provide include:
* AC Repair in Baytown
* AC Installation & Repair in Baytown
* AC Maintenance in Baytown

Baytown’s Trusted HVAC Company

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Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Filters / Purifiers Repairs

Fast and reliable Air Conditioning, Heating & Air Quality service. Any time: day, night and weekends.


HVAC Tune-Up, Heating & Air Quality Inspection

Priority HVAC, Heating & Air Quality service available with annual tune-ups & inspections.


HVAC, Heating & Air Filters / Purifiers Installations

Water Heaters, Water Filtration, Furnaces and A/C installed by qualified technicians.

Reliable A/C Repair in Baytown

If your air conditioning system in Baytown stops working, The AC Guy can will help to get your AC up and running again. Our HVAC technicians can help you on short notice and restore the air conditioning in your home. Our licensed and trained technicians service and repair all brands of air conditioning units and systems. If your home will need a new system, our technicians will present you with your best options. We have technicians that are available around the clock to resolve any air conditioning problems in your home.

We make sure that we’re ready to help when you need us most. Call The AC Guy now to get your A/C working again.

Homeowners want their AC system to last as long as possible. One way of helping your system last longer is with annual maintenance. Call The AC Guy to find out more.

Air Conditioning Repair, Whenever You Need It

AC units always seem to stop working at the most unexpected and inconvenient times. You’ll need a dependable company to be able to repair those issues on short notice. The AC Guy is a 24-Hour company and ready to help you. Air conditioning systems could experience many different problems, you’ll need a technician that is trained and ready to fix your issues. The AC Guy has the best trained HVAC technicians that are available 24/7 to get your A/C up and running again. Call The AC Guy to get the best HVAC technicians in Baytown to fix your problems as quickly as possible.

The AC Guy's 13-Point AC Inspection & Tune-Up

We offer a 13-point inspection and tune-up that we recommend every year to keep your air conditioning unit in optimal condition and to address any issues before they affect other components. We proudly serve the air conditioning installation and service needs for Baytown and surrounding communities.

Trusted HVAC Company in Baytown

Our HVAC company is highly trusted in Baytown area. Let us get you’re AC repaired quickly.