Ted Kobel
Submitted 07/10/20

This is to thank the boss (Wesley I believe is his name) for helping me repair my AC via iPhone facetime today.

My condenser unit, which The A/C Guys installed new a few years baćk, required some service to get us cool again. I won't go into the gory details about the problem.

Anyway, Wesley was so very helpful and offered to walk me thru the repair via facetime. Pretty unique l'd say. Bottom line... "" (of course that really means Wesley on the other side of facetime) fixed the unit and it's running fine now. Saved me a service call, while I learned something about the repair work, and got it fixed in the fastest possible time frame. How do vou beat that?

I just wanted to officially thank The A/C Guys for being the best service company I've ever come across.

There will never be another AC service company besides The A/C Guys to service my HVAC needs while I live in their service area